14 April 2009


Today is Bobby's birthday. He loves his birthday. Anyone reading this blog today, please call him and wish him a happy birthday!!!!!! Yes, he is 45 today... that's not a typo.

His sister Joanne had a very nice party for him!!!

It's a boy!!!!!!!!

My little sister is having a boy!!!! We found out on Friday.
Kaleigh was hoping for a sister. Oh, it was painful to watch her reaction. She reminded me of Gage when he found out about Roci being a girl. He wanted a brother so bad. When the technician said 'It's a girl", Gage's eyes got watery and he said "Mercedes always gets what she wants." Mercedes had such a sly smile on her face,as if she were thinking, "Yeah, that's right!"
Anyway, Kaleigh smiled, but it was a smile you new was hard for her to keep. She was trying hard to 'be good'. I told her she was lucky because now she would be the princess of her family since she's the only girl. She smiled at me. Oh, that little girl melts my heart!!!!!
So, now Kaleigh will be the big sister to three beautiful boys!!! They are very lucky to have such a wonderful sweetie as a big sister!!!!!! Congrats Yeager Family!