17 June 2013

Gage's Airport Arrival:) April 2013

I know I'm behind my posts, but here are the airport photos of Gage's arrival from Paraguay... FINALLY!
A friend made this banner for us to take to Bradley.
It was gorgeous!
                                    Here are some of the chitlins who were able to join us!
Family and friends we can always count on:) 

 I waited for what seemed like forever for him to get off that darn plane! He was the very last one. For someone who doesn't enjoy a lot of attention, he sure built up the suspense!!
 My prince is back home
 Madrina patiently waited for me to finish hogging him up!
Hugs for everyone! I know Noel was happy to see him too. Her family has been in his life since he was 5:)
 This gentleman was instrumental in helping Gage retrieve a lost bag. He seemed impressed with Gage's story and was very kind! Thanks, Mark!

 YAY! While we were driving to the airport, a family in another van had smiled at us a few times and I couldn't figure out why they were smiling at us. After we arrived at the airport, I realized that it must have been all the writing on the van that caught their attention. The other window said, "Returned from a 2 year mission in Paraguay!"
 My sister had finals and couldn't make the airport gathering, but she was eagerly awaiting his arrival at Captain Jimmy's in Agawam.
 The thumbs up is a nod to Paraguay. Gage had told us that everyone there gives a thumbs up for photos.
 We wanted him to feel at 'home'.
 YAY! Adrean made it!!!!
 Gage, Titi Neli, Adrean, Titi Paula and Beba
 Gage, Geli, Mercy and Amanda
 A cousin's reunion:)
 The photo is not complete without Caleb, who happened to fall asleep
 With the Rousseaus
 Our family is back together again... for now:(

                 Please stay tuned for photos from our trip to Utah to take Mercedes out to college!!

11 June 2013

Mercy and a visit with the BIG guys

This photo was taken a few days before Mercedes was to leave for BYU. What a happy bunch of Mormon saints:)

                                   We went to visit the Hogans because we wanted to see Anne before she left for her mission. I took my nephews because... well, look at them! They are just too cute:)
 Caleb loves animals and insects. Nice combination. I know the boys were thrilled to see Coco, but I'm not sure how he felt about it.
                                                                Dave, Anne and Teresa
Apparently the Hogans left my nephews with quite an impression. Recently they had asked my sister when they could go back to see the big guys. It took my sister a few minutes to connect the big guys with the Hogan boys. How cute is that??

Update :)

Well, lookie, lookie, who's back!
I don't even know where to begin my update! I guess I'll just post photos with a few comments:) We have been busy!
The photo below is from our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner:)

The next few are from our April visit to Jersey to see my cousins and the latest addition to our ever growing family... little Sarah!
 Her handsome brother Gabriel...
 and of course, Christian Angel...
 Here is the Diaz, Mejias, Riera, Ackerman Fam:)

Next are photos from our annual Easter celebration (s) with my sis and friends...
                                                  Anxious chitlins waitin' for the egg hunt!
                                   Our last Easter with Mercy... she looks rather happy doesn't she??

                                       Easter morning before the basket hunting begins
                                   Easter dinner at home:)
                                    One of our guest Laura, posing with the girls! What a sweetie:)
                                           Our family pix minus the Gagester... but not for long!