30 June 2011


Here is a picture of my little nephew Caleb in his soccer uniform. He asked me to take his picture. See how he is stretching his shirt so he can show it off?
I was invited to go with the Yeagers to the Westfield Children's Museum. This picture was taken was taken at Berkshire bank. We are posing in front of the safe... I must say, they had quite the stash and the bankers were very generous with giving out money... as long as you went around to the other window and deposited it back. Those tellers would get cranky if you tried to go shopping or something.
My sister turned 27 this year. I had the privilege of spending the day with her. We saw a movie, had lunch and did a little shopping. Happy Birthday favorite sister!!!!!

08 June 2011

Tornados in Springfield?? Still unbelievable

This is an example of how unpredictable life is. Control is an illusion.
Mercedes and I have been through the city documenting the damage from the tornado in order to be able to share it with Gage, and because this is a monumental event. Gage loves this city so much and I wanted him to be able to see what was happening here at home. It was easy at first to take photos of torn trees, debris, and business buildings. But then as we got to people's homes it became harder. So much so that we had to stop taking pictures. There are so many people affected by the storms. We were fortunate, or lucky, that we were not in the direct line of the tornado, although I watched through my kitchen window as it passed by my neighborhood. I hesitate to say that we were blessed to have been spared. Blessed would imply that I was worthy and someone else was not. And that my friends, is so NOT true.
I look out at my street from my porch and we have beautiful trees and old homes still in tact and preserved. Others, look out what used to be their front porch and have a view of jagged tree limbs, of what were once mature trees, that dot the skyline and piles of rubble that once were their neighbor's homes. I am thankful that my friends and family are okay. Others, have lost loved ones. It is frightening and extremely humbling.
I love how people have shown, once again, that most human beings are inherently good. People care and want to help. I have witnessed first hand people all over our community donating money, time, food and their hands to work in strangers yards to clear debris, and offer support. What a testimony to God!!!
I have decided not to post the pictures I have taken, not yet. I got the images in this post off the internet. I don't know why these feel okay for me to use and not the ones I took. There are people who feel vurnerable and are resentful of all the curious onlookers who come into their exposed neighborhoods and homes to photograph their tragedies. I'm sad to say that I'm one of those curious onlookers. But my reasons for photojournaling are to perserve a part of history because I care for Springifeld and for my son who is away for 2 years and wants to be kept abreast of any changes in the area and this is a pretty big change. The entire landscape of the affected areas has been turned upside down and that seems important to document.
I could still be asking myself why did all this happened. Instead I choose to focus on the positive and that is to be there for those who need it. I know I would want help!