19 April 2010

My son is an Eagle Scout!

What a week for Gage! First, I'd like to congratulate my son for getting his Eagle. He's worked so hard for it and had almost quit a couple of times due to circumstances beyond his control, but he persevered and it payed off! We are so proud of you. He also scored a car from his loving Abuela. I don't know who was happier about the car, him or my mom!

Gage earned 25 merit badges and completed a service project for the Springfield Rescue Mission with lots of help and support from friends and family. I won't tell you how I spent part of Monday and all day Tuesday (the day of his board of review) sewing patches that he should have received ages ago but hadn't. I also won't tell you how sore my finger and hands were by the end of the day. By the way, never use an embroidery needle to sew badges on a sash:) I'm not sure, but I think a bigger needle may have made the job a little easier...

14 April 2010

Boy meets girl

Gail 1968

Bobby 1964

It was 46 years ago today that my hubby was born here in Springfield. I tell you that this guy was born smiling! He's always been a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Fastforward to 1991 and boy meets girl. The picture above is me. Yeah, it's me. I look like I'm waiting for something. I guess it was Bobby :]
Happy Birthday honey! Thanks for being such an amazing husband and father.. and most importantly, my bestfriend! I love you.

06 April 2010

Enjoying the weather

Here are some pictures Mercedes took of the girls enjoying the amazing weather we've had!