09 June 2009

Unfinished things...

I was getting ready for bed and was going through my mental to-do list and had a shocking revelation at how many things I don't finish or am 'going to' finish and never get through. The more I thought about it, the more impressive my list became and of course I started to get anxious. My husband likes to remind me of how important it is to write things down so I'm not mulling things over and over in my head! So I figured I'd list a few here, they won't be in any particular order, to share the insanity that is my brain...
1. the blanket I started 2 or 3 years ago...
2. Aalyia's scrapbook
3. early colonial history curriculum (looks great)
4. crotched backpack
5. Baby blanket
6. two skirts I bought material for...
7. the landscaping
8. our fireplace room (still needs mouldings)...
9. a number of boring or what I thought were boring books... still would like to get through them just to say I did... sick, I know
10. a number of recipes I've been meaning to make
11. framing pictures
12. painting two dressers... it sounded good at the time
13. detailing our van
14. going to D.C., our two hour speed tour doesn't count I guess
15. fixing Gage's jacket
16. fixing Bob's pants
17. fixing my sweater
18. weeding the garden
19. moving the peonies
20. painting the back of the house... again!
21. returning the videos I borrowed from a friend... haven't forgotten an no, I haven't seen any of them yet :(
22. oh, rug that I was learning to knit... sorry Melisa
23. finish cleaning out the attic
24. put in kitchen floor (we are currently living with the sub-sub floor. no typo
25. long list of people to contact via letters and phone calls
26. sew the buttons on two dresses and three sweaters (we don't need the sweaters now and we won't need the summer dresses in the winter so hence, you can see why they haven't gotten done..)
27. paint kitchen (if I paint the kitchen I can live with the ugly cabinets, but I don't want to keep the cabinets so why go through the work , hmmm...)
28. clean the kitchen cabinets now that we have made a HUGE dent in what was once our food storage...
29. oh no! roci's birthday again!????!
30. Work on a vanity for Mercedes
31. and the list goes on
This is just a sample of what goes on in my mind at any given moment along with the many other thoughts like 'What should I make for dinner?' and 'I have to water the plants' and 'Oh crap, I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer'...

No, I really did forget to put the laundry in the dryer... gotta go

city girl...

I found this 'blinky' and thought it was cute and very me... oh by the way, what do you think of the new layout?? Mercedes thought my blog was boring. I told her I liked the simplicity of it (part of that is due to my lack of technical savviness {is that a word??} anyway, I decided to look around and found this background. I hope that my effort is appreciated... hmmm

Aalyia's Birthday!!!

Aalyia wanted to have her birthday celebration at Six Flags, which was nice for us because we had season passes(which everyone worked to pay for!), and free passes for her buddies! We couldn't have had better weather.
Melisa baked some beautiful cupcakes ( which are on my camera... yes film!) which we had before we went into the park. It was a good thing because it was so warm that when we got back to the car for lunch the leftover cupcakes were melted.
Aalyia was given a very large sticker with her name on it and she received a special ticket for a generous ice cream cone and a free game in which she won a cute tweety bird!
She felt very special when they sang Happy Birthday on the Pandemonium. I also bought super hero capes for them because I knew they would look so cute... and I was right!
I can't beleive she is 6!!!!! Happy birthday sweetie!

The super hero crew: Caleb,Matthew, Kaleigh, Aalyia, Holden, Marie, Gavin, Roci,Nicholas and Moroni (Bobby is standing in for him!)

Happy Birthday!

Seminary Graduation

group pic!

Our bishop and his lovely wife serving ice cream for the refreshment!

Gage and Mercedes attend a class at 5:40 am every morning to learn more in depth about the scriptures. It is called seminary and this is Gage's third year and Mercedes' second year. The plaques that they are holding in the picture, along with Miriam (HI!), was earned by doing an extra program called the Passport. This is above and beyond attending class every morning. They have to memorize 25 scriptures and read everyday. This year they studied the New Testament. They also received accolades for 100% attendance. Way to go! We are so proud of you... and Gage will be graduating next year!
With seminary, I have seen their testimonies grow and their love for Heavenly Father blossom. I am so thankful for this program! I also have to thank Rita Bartholomew for taking them every morning in order for me not to have to wake up Roci and Aalyia like I had to the last two years!!!!