27 May 2009

Gage's first dddate...


How cute!!!!
robot sculpture at the show
Miriam being polite

Ugh! My son is old enough to date. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess it depends on which day you talk to me. Sometimes I feel great about it. You know, it's the next phase of life and all that. But then there are my dark days where I am just watching life race past me and I'm in the middle standing still. At 11:38 pm I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed. That's funny, because the other day I was feeling good about it. It's not who he is dating because she is a very sweet girl (her name is Miriam.) I guess it just comes down to the age thing. Or more specific, My age thing... my aging.
Okay. so let's start over.
Gage went out on his first official date with his "girl"friend Miriam. They met last year at a church function and haven't stopped talking since.
Gage took Miriam to an art show in Northampton and then they went into downtown Noho and had dinner and did some window shopping. I myself love Northampton. While they did their thing, Mercedes and I hung out as well.

Gage won't get his license until January of '10 so I was the chauffeur. I was more than happy to do it. I know how excited he was and I also know how much he appreciates what we do for him which makes it easier to do things for him. It also gave me some mom and daughter time with my Mercedes!

Post-OP... yuck

Lucky Melisa! She happened to be over when Bobby needed his bandages changed and of course I recruited her help. I found out that she was much more gentle than I and she notified me that if Eli ever needed something like this done, she figured I would be just as gentle with her husband. Maybe it has to do with the fear factor. The swelling you see in his bicep and left pec is actually saline that was left after surgery and his body will absorb over time. It looked like a water balloon!
I want to thank those who have been here to support us and please continue the prayers for Bobby's speedy recovery!
By the way, the initials on his shoulder are not from the nurse who was flirting with him (until she found out I was his wife), they belong to the surgeon!

Bob's surgery

Well, Bobby had his surgery on May 8th. I think it was so cool that they gave us pictures. Modern technology is amazing!
The pictures here show the tendon (starting at the top left and going from left to right.) You can see in the second pic a very small tear in the rotator cuff. The third picture shows the complete tear underneath. The stuff that looks like feathers is the torn tendon.
The second set of pics shows the doctor scraping bone spurs and shaving the bone down because of arthritis. The third pic shows a clamp taking hold of the torn tendon to bring it to the other part of the tendon so it can be sewn and anchored through the muscle and into the shoulder bone. Two screws were used to anchor it.
The last page shows the masterpiece completed.
Bobby has been in incredible pain. The doctor was initially disappointed because the tendon is usually attached to a tendon on the upper part of the shoulder, but in Bobby's case, the tendon was too short so it had to be sewn into part of the muscle which isn't as secure and takes longer to heal.
He went for his check up last Monday and the doctor was more optimistic. Bobby is now able to do some small exercises and is very excited to start physical therapy.
I have no doubt he'll recover fully. He's a believer in hard work and positive thinking!

the red is the bone that has been scraped

16 May 2009

It's a Yeager!

Here is a 3D image of my sister's baby boy!!! Is he cute or what????

15 May 2009


Ok, we have over 600 pictures for the Quincenera! I decided to make a slideshow so I could showcase as many pics as possible. It was a pain in the tutu!!!!!! There are only so many pictures it will hold before it freezes up. Of course, I find this out after spending three hours on the first slide show!
I couldn't put as many pictures as I wanted, so this was the best I could do. Oh, this took me two hours. I'm loving the blog, but still hating technology...
By the way Joe, thanks for the pictures we LOVE them!!!!

14 May 2009

Mercedes Quincenera

Well, I finally have the pictures!!!!! I am going to post a couple of pictures now and make a slide show later. I only have like 2 minutes so the rest will have to wait!!!

More pictures...

My Grandmothers' 80th birthday!

Back in March, we went to celebrate my grandmother's birthday in Westfield. She turned 80 and I must say she looks good!


I took a couple of days to visit my cousin Mary back in February (I just got the pictures back... remember I use film) Here are some pictures of Mary and her son Gabriel,and my cousin Angel!

More Easter

More Easter pics!


We had a two day Easter 'eggstravaganaza', (Sorry I'm not more original, but I am a couple of months behind my blogging!) Anyway! we went Saturday to my sisters' for a wonderful brunch and egg coloring. She was definately feeling energetic! She made pancakes, homemade cinnamon buns with tons of glaze, scrambled eggs, fruit salad. Oh, I brought the bacon. The food was great.
We sat with the kids and colored eggs. They were so cute and creative! So were the kids!
We were then invited to the Bairds' house in Westfield for an Easter egg hunt! Thirty to forty kids and a huge buffet of food! The Baird family seem very nice and they were so sweet to include us. I didn't get to take any pictures because I was being shy.
Then! on Sunday afternoon, we went back to my sisters' for lunch (kabobs and rice pilaf!) and their egg hunt and scavenger hunt for the older kids. I was able to get that on video. I have 8mm so I can't post it ( I KNOW! I will update someday), but take my word for it, it was fun!
It was a crazy, memorable holiday!!

Gage gets a job... finally!!!

Well, on April 9th, Gage started his first night at Six Flags New England! He will be working in the retail stores. He was very nervous, but excited to finally start making some serious money... well as serious as it gets at 17!
We were hoping that he'd be able to work anytime since he's homeschooled, but Mass state law says anyone under 18 can only work afterschool and non-school hours. That was a bummer because he has a flexible schedule being home. Well, 'school' will be out soon enough! Go Gage!