31 August 2009

Yeager update...

I called my sister this morning to see how the kids are adjusting to their new baby brother.
Things sounded very chaotic in the background with Caleb being the loudest. My sister sounded tense to say the least.
I asked how things were going and she said they were crazy. I asked if Caleb warmed up to his brother Zachary and she said that he's been saying that the baby wants his mommy and that his mommy is lost. I thought that was funny. So he's in denial. Poor kid is confused.
When Mercedes was born and she had been home a few days, Gage asked me when we were taking her back to the hospital. I was stunned because he seemed to be enjoying her.
Good luck finding the baby's mom Caleb... she's closer than you think...

29 August 2009

Matos Family Reunion...and Zachary finally leaves CCN!

I have some photos from the Matos Family Reunion... our very first. I must say wasn't looking forward to going at first, but I had a great time! I was very nervous that I wouldn't remember anyone or worse, no one would remember me! It turned out to be a great time and Bobby and the kids enjoyed themselves.
Bobby doesn't willingly give up sleep, but he did for this event!
I am thankful for Tia Neli for her willingness to organize this and for her family's willingness to support her and help out where needed! Also, thank you to cousin Millie from Cali who researched and put together our family tree. Can't wait for the pix:)
Oh, the best part of the day is that Zachary was released from CCN and gets to be with Melisa and Eli in the room... FINALLY! thank you God :)

Zachary Owen Yeager

He is finally here!He was born on August 28th at 6:36 am. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 1.1 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long!!
Where was she keeping him? He has very dark hair like Nathan, but as you can see, he's all Yeager!

23 August 2009

Melisa's prego pix

My sister just shared these beautiful maternity pictures of her and her fam. They were taken by our family photographer Joe Metzger...

14 August 2009

OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!! #*!%#@?/!*&=

I decided to blog for a few minutes while the girls were in the pool. I don't know about anyone else, but it does take me a while to blog. I have to look up the pictures, and I can only pull a few at a time, sometimes they get mixed up and I have to move them around. In short, it's not quick.
I told myself only a half an hour. I was reviewing and getting ready to save the post when my wonderful hubby comes in and just shuts the computer off. That's right. He just walks over and shuts it down. Why? Well, he wasn't aware, I guess, of the fact that I was on it. even though the tower is sitting right next to me and the keyboard ! He says he came over to turn it on. Out of habit, he walked in and just hit the button.
As much as I enjoy reading other blogs, this is a chore for me. Not a horrible one, but a chore just the same. I enjoy the end result and the comments not so much the process. Kind of like cleaning. I love the end result not so much the process.
Needless to say, it took all I had not to break down and cry or throw something at him. All of you know what an amazing guy Bobby is. I am very blessed to have him. Really. But sometimes that guy thing gets in the way. You know what I mean?? He's a guy.
I finshed my post. And I will use this moment to get me some sympathy and Coldstone...

Cape Cod, Marconi and Nauset Beaches and Museum

It has been a busy week!!!! We went to the Cape on Monday with the Baird fam and on Tuesday we went to Misquamicut beach with my sister, our niece Jillian and Gage's friend Miriam. Wednesday was Holden's b-day at Six Flags so we were there for a few hours. I did a Twilight Zone marathon that afternoon and evening with Mercedes and Bobby.
Thursday, Bobby took the kids to the museum for a show while I went to lunch with Melisa and Erica Racine. That was a nice visit and break from the chitlins. We were supposed to go to NYC today, but we are tuckered out!:0 Bobby is so thrilled to be on vacation. He has planned for us to go to Exit 7 on Saturday to see 'Into the Woods'. (It's the same production group that did Le Mis last year.)
I hope he's enjoying himself. We are enjoying having him home (and mobile!!!)

It's the Monopoly guy!!!

at the springfield museum

Misquamicut Beach RI

Gage and Miriam Baird

Roci and Jillian

Nauset Beach Cape Cod
Jen Dermody, Jen Baird

The Little Mermaid

Marconi Beach at sunset

03 August 2009

High Meadows and the Naked Cowboy

Bobby had his company picnic at High Meadows this year and we were able to invite our friends and family for the same price as employees. We got our motley crew together and headed off for a rainy day picnic.
Inspite of the rain, it was alot of fun! The favorite activity was the rock wall. There were also pony rides, face painting, cotton candy, popcorn, an ice cream truck,balloons, golf, swimming, and all the food you could eat. And did we eat!! All included in the price!!!

Oh by the way, the picture of Roci with the Naked Cowboy in New York was the only picture we got in NY when we went with the Baird family in July because Mercedes accidentally deleted all our pictures of the Bronx Zoo and Time Square!!! Don't ask. We were all so devestated.... Doesn't Roci look so excited to have this strange man playing with her hair??? I thought this would be a good spot for this pic...