14 October 2012

September Wonderama

Here we are at the Big E! It's been quite a few years since we've visited.
I made the girls pose with this ginormous pumpkin. I explained to them that it was just one of those things you do at the Big E...and one of those things you do being a member of this family:) Pose on command. When will they catch on??
Roci is, apparently, a four leaf clover finder expert...
She told me she'd been finding them all week. I was impressed. As a kid, I remember wanting to find one and never being able to. I wanted to press it for her, but I forgot about it and found it two days later in my pocket book. I was sad until I remembered that she was a four-leaf-clover-finder-expert. No worries, right?? She'll find another:)
Aalyia is measuring herself to see if it will be worth it to buy a bracelet that will allow her unlimited rides on the fareway... for the bargin price of $25:-O
That's what Mercedes decided. The girls each were given $20 to spend as they wished and Mercedes offered to pitch in $5 more for each in order for all of them to get a bracelet. At first, I thought they were crazy.
The infamous Big E cream PUFF!!! Yes, I ate some! My system was able to hold it together til I got home... I have a lactose issue, but I had to have it anyway.
It was so heart warming for me, to watch the three of them come down together!
But the girls spent a good amount of time at the fareway.
I think they got their money's worth of rides...
             Mercedes wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel together as a family. I tried to explain to her that I hate heights and being 'old', I can't seem to handle rides like I used you. I get so sick so easily. Once a upon a time I would have tackled the craziest ride without thinking about it. The swings used to be one of my favorites. I used to live in Long Branch, NJ and loved going to the boardwalk to enjoy the rides at the end of the pier. There was a swing ride at the end and it would go out over the water. It was wonderful to watch the waves swell and crash against the end of the pier while flying over in the large swing. It was exhilarating... I cherish the memories I have of my childhood in Long Branch. I am so happy that my children will have their own special memories here in what is their home of Springfield, MA. I pray that their memories will be as special as mine are.


                               This was Aalyia's favorite ... the different themed fun houses:)

                                 We didn't get to visit the State Buildings:( but I got a picture for Gage
We stopped in at Farm-a-rama. That is where the gigantic pumpkin was along with the plastic cow ready for milking. That's the way we city folks like 'em.

Mercedes entertained the
crowd with some piano playing! It was fun to see her enjoy the baby grand. The sales associate assured us it was a great deal at only $8,999. Yes, we'll take two to go, please.
The girls tested out the $7,000 bed that the other sales associate assured us was a steal of a deal for the quality we'd be getting. He asked what he could do to get us into the bed that night... I told him if he could get get it for us for free, he had a deal. He stopped smiling at that point...
I'm so glad we splurged on this evening. It was worth every penny to make these memories with the girls... and my hubby:) 
These photos are from our trip to Fenway Golf. 
This trip was a treat courtesy of Mercedes!! Thanks girl! You can't put a price on memories:) Of the many things I'd like to leave my children, I pray that my love of the Savior and my love for them is on the top of their list!