23 January 2010

He's 18

Here is a picture of my two oldest children. I have to comment on what good sports they are. They were nice enough to pose with Santa for me.

Gage turns 18 on Tuesday and I've been thinking alot about the last 18 years and how quickly they've gone by. He is an amazing young man. He is polite, generous, courteous and extremely compassionate. I do realize how blessed I am to have such amazing kids.

Well, as I write Gage is at Springifeld Central High taking his SAT. He has been preparing for his test for the last few months and I've been praying all morning that he will do well.

He has decided to apply to STCC (a local community college) and do his first year there and then go on a 2 year mission for the church. I am so proud of how sincere he is. He has struggled with some of his studies. Not because they were too hard, but because he decided he wasn't interested in them. Now, I am a BIT of a control freak so it has been challenging not to be all over him and his studies. I figure he needs to learn responsibility, so I give him his space when it comes to school work and assignments. I'm hoping in the near future he'll appreciate the lessons I've tried to teach him.

Mercedes is technically in her senior year as well. She has kept up with Gage and has gotten two years ahead in her studies. She is more motivated at keeping up with her work. Or at least she was until the end of last year. She has slacked a little. She is also only 15. I'm in no hurry to send her off anywhere quite yet. I'm looking into summer online courses for her. Then we'll take it from there.

No one tells you how hard being a parent is. I don't think anyone can really tell you how hard it is. When they are little, they keep you running and moving. For the most part they listen and you know where they are. Then they become teenagers and all of a sudden it's a different kind of hard. They have opinions and they let you know them. You can't physically pick them up and put them in time out or make them go with you. You have to develop this unimaginable level of patience and reasoning. The bribes get bigger too. I never believed in bribing. I was old school and thought kids should do what's expected and that's that. That is when I had 2 children who were quiet and obedient. Now I have four and realize that kids come with their very one personalities and respond in their own personal ways!
I wouldn't trade any of it! I have grown in ways I never thought possible. My children help keep me focused and always striving to do better. They inspire me and I hope they feel the same... maybe some day!

22 January 2010

Guys Movie Night

Bobby hosted a movie night at our house... actually it was in our basement. A good friend of ours gave us his big screen TV. He upgraded to a flat screen and we inherited his old one. It is an old school TV. It's big, I mean big. The only place I would have an electronic device that large would be the basement!
My hubby was very excited with the creation of the 'Man Cave' and I have to say the family has been enjoying it as well.
We thought it would be fun to do this every other month, but I don't know if anyone will come back. You see, the basement is not finished so it really is a cave and just as cold! I heard there were a few people that evening feeling the chill. These pictures were taken when everyone had arrived. Everyone is smiling. Now, picture everyone huddled under blankets after the movie starts and you'll get a clear picture of the rest of the evening. I asked someone who was there if Bobby had turned on the space heater and they said, "What??! You guys had a space heater??!!" I thought that was kind of funny. The guys were nice enough to say they had fun! Hope they come back...

06 January 2010

Look at this face!!!!!

Look at this face!!!! Is he precious or what???:)
This is my youngest nephew Zachary Yeager. I have been waiting for my sister to send out birth announcements. After all, he is FOUR months old. I don't think it's happening, so as the oldest, I took the liberty of posting the picture.

This is 'Big Z' on Christmas Eve. Minus the drool on the chin and on the shirt, he is a Gap baby for sure!

My brother-in-law Eli doesn't like any nicknames for his kids so please don't share the 'Big Z' thing! ;)

04 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I've always believed that the way you bring in the New Year sets the tone for the following year. This year Bobby and I were invited to chaperon a New Year's Eve party for the youth at our church. I was excited to help at first, but I have to admit that with the running around I did during the holiday rush, I started to wonder if I would have the energy.
I am so happy I helped out because I had a wonderful time! It was nice to have a wholesome, safe activity for the youth to participate in. There was music, dancing and a room set up for games and socializing. I won't talk about all the food there was either... (there was tons:)
It was a great way to bring in the New Year. I was sad that Mercedes was sick so she couldn't be there. She slept through the New Year hoopla so I'm hoping this year will be mellow for her (wink!)
For me, it was a chance to show my rusty, outdated moves and to release some serious pent up energy. I am anticipating a rocking 2010!!!!!
Hanging with the peeps... these girls know how to have fun

3...2...1... Happy New Year!!!
Celebrating an early Christmas Eve with our favorite Westside Family...
Christmas Eve at home
Helping Gage with his Eagle Scout project for the Springfield Rescue Mission was a great way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Check out 61 and look for Gage. He was on the news Christmas Day for his project. He was able to collect items for over 50 gift bags for the mission and many donations for the shelter. Everyone was so gracious and thankful. We are also thankful. So many people donated selflessly and were willing to help out with anything that was needed! In the end it wasn't about the Eagle Scout project, it was about helping people and letting them know we care.
I know sometimes people think that during the holidays people want to help others to make themselves feel better, but I have to say that the holidays are the most important times to reach out and let people know that they are being thought of amidst all the holiday chaos. Many people are alone or lonely and any sign of caring speaks volumes.
This picture is a sample of the many, many people who made the project possible.

This picture was taken at the Springfield Symphony Hall. I took the chitlins to see the Nutcracker. We went with Nicholas and Noel Metzger and had a great time.
I am looking forward to an amazing year. I love the tradition of setting resolutions. I set one that lasted two days. That's right, two whole days :) But that's okay. I have a slew of resolutions to work on. One by one, one day at a time. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it works out! I'm going for a one week record and work my way up! Happy New Year! this one is going to be BIG!!!