17 March 2013


Life is full of them; changes, I mean. Once again, my life will be changing. My son will be coming home from his two year mission in just 3 weeks, but I'll have to say good-bye to my daughter who will be heading off to college just a few days after Gage arrives. Fortunately, we'll be able to have some family time together before Mercedes heads off; I'm looking forward to that! However, 'The Ackerman Family',as we have been affectionately referred to, is really no more. In a few more years it will be just Bobby and me. That is weird to think of. A few days ago, I ran into a couple of ladies from the neighborhood and we stopped to chat. One has never been married and the other was a single mom with a daughter who just moved to another state for a job, and a son who has left for college, which means she's now home alone. They were telling me how lonely they have been and how, looking back, they realized that they didn't focus on making sure they had something for themselves; something that would keep them wanting to embrace each day and be excited or inspired. The single lady just focused on moving up in her job, and the single mom focused on her children. Now they look back and they can see where they lost themselves. They have recently decided that they will help each other step out of their ruts and join a gym. They have been meeting new people in similar circumstances and realize they are not alone. They feel inspired and are slowly gaining courage to try new things, make new friends and push themselves out of their comfort zones. I'm not to far from that point. I love my family so much, but these inspiring women have reminded me of the importance of making sure that I never lose myself, especially in my family. I want to make sure that I have my own interest, hobbies, and a group of friends that will help to keep me busy and fufilled. I never want my children, or husband for that matter, to define who I am. If that were the case, I will only wake up one day to find myself a very lonely person because life continues on around me; my children are growing up and starting on their own paths in life, and my husband is not responsible for making sure that I'm happy. I am looking forward to spending time with just him but, I need to be happy and comfortable with myself first. No one can MAKE anyone else happy- that has to come from within. As I keep these things simmering in the back of my mind, I will continue to enjoy my family and the changes that keep coming our way... I will also remember to thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of family and friends:)