10 June 2010

Graduates ,birthdays and ATExpress!

Roci is in a girl group called ATExpress. Four girls from ages 9-11 with pretty impressive voices. Their first public appearence was on Tuesday at the Suffield Country Club. They got a standing ovation and the crowd was very encouraging. Needles to say, my Rocola loves, loves to perfrom. LOVES IT!! The blonde girl in the back is their director and she is pretty amazing with these girls. Very encouraging, and patient. I'm happy that Rocola has found her 'thing' that she enjoys doing!

As Sister Palmer would say, 'Life is so grand, isn't it?' My baby turned 7 on Tuesday. She was so excited that she woke up early Monday and said, all day, 'Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm so excited!' All day. This birthday is a very big deal to her because it will mean she only has 1 year to go before she's baptized. She's been talking about that alot, too.

She is such a sweet and sensitive girl. I learn so much from her. She's quick to apologize. She's always ready to give and receive a hug. She loves to share and make people laugh. She loves the color blue. She also thinks narwhals are weird but cool. I love you!

My brother Adrean graduated on Friday from Wastefield High School. Yes, he graduated with honors. As you can see from the picture he was so excited to be there. I felt bad for him, because I know how much he wanted to graduate with his friends from Puerto Rico. At least he got a trip to PR out of it. I hope he enjoys reconnecting with his friends... and takes time to work on his tan. He looks so pale!

Here is a pic from Seminary graduation. Gage graduated this year with perfect attendance for four years and earned his passport for three. We are so proud of all his efforts. He was one of the speakers for the graduation and I thought he was very open about what he learned. I am thankful for this program. It gives them an opportunity to learn about deep scriptural doctrine, and start off the day (5:40 am to be exact!) on a spritual note. Mercedes is going into her last year of seminary and I expect her to do great as well!

Gage is an official high school graduate. He received his diploma in the mail yesterday. Gage, we love you and expect that you will be blessed with amazing opportunites throughout your life. You are such a blessing in my life!