23 July 2012

What's a-happenin' hot stuff??

Yes, that is a line from the movie, Sixteen Candles. C'mon, it's funny...

I just wanted to send a quick update. Quick is a relative term. I had way more pictures I wanted to upload and it took 45 minutes to get these on so I didn't do anymore. Do you know what time it is?? Did you know that when you allow your time to be sucked up by other things, you may be forced to be up 'til all ungodly hours??? I didn't until recently.
As I was saying... update!
           I had just found out the Rebecca was moving!! I'm so sad to see her go, but I wish her the best!
                                                Photos from the Pioneer Trek in New Hampshire.
                                               Fourth of July at downtown Springfield
   We went with the Rousseau's, the Baird's, the missionaries, the Metzger's and part of the Rich clan.

                                  Bobby entertained the crowd with skateboard tricks and handstands.

                                     The Elders were able to join us!! There's Ben at the end:)

                                                   Look at those GORGEOUS ladies!!

Happy birthday to Roci and me! That's right. We share a birthday on the 15th:)

Flowers from the girls at work along with some nice jewlery...

Tom Sawyer, the ageless boy. At Exit 7 theater in Ludlow.
This is the entire cast.
Yes, our whole family is involved. Bobby is back stage.

Mercedes is playing the keyboard.
         Roci plays Mary; Aalyia and Kaleigh sing in the chorus and bribe Tom to let them help paint the fence:) Jillian plays Mrs. Thatcher and sings with the chorus:)

And there I am manning one of the spotlights!! Who would have thought?? It's been a great experience even though it meant giving up most of the summer. I think it's been worth it. Opening night ROCKED!                             Keep up the good work.

01 July 2012

Project 7... My yard

I was hoping to get a head start on my yard, but apparently summer decided to come in hard. I have no shade in my back yard, which is where I would like to start, and with 90 degree + heat,  it is hard to think of sitting in the blazing sun to weed. BUT, I do plan on making my best attempt at tackling this project although, had I taken the time to plan, I would have done this in April or May when the weather isn't so intense;)  A lesson learned regarding the importance of having a plan; any plan!
 So many weeds to pull and plants to move around, oh and the mulching!
I will provide before and after pictures because I feel they make posts much more interesting...