11 October 2013


Mercedes took this photo in downtown Springfield while her sisters were at a rehearsal a few years back. She is pretty good at getting Gage to humor her. I'm sure you're wondering where the chair came from... yes, it was in the alley. I can picture the conversation went something like this:
Mercedes: Gage, grab that chair!
Gage: What for?
Mercedes: Just grab it! Put it there.
Gage: Uh, Mercedes. Why??
Mercedes: Gage, just do it!
The result is, what I think, a great photo. 

What do you see when you look at this photo? Someone who's tired; giving up; rejected; depressed?I've always loved this photo. I used to think it represented someone who was tired or giving up.
Now, I look at it through the eyes of someone who's tired and overwhelmed. Someone who needs a little inspiration. I now see someone who is taking a moment to regroup.

I really need this:) I have been praying for some guidance on what to do with my busy schedule. I realize that I cannot continue at this pace; something has to give. I have been praying and waiting. I know that God is mindful of the fact that I need very clear and blatant answers. But I also realize that answers don't always come right away. So I wait:)
But waiting isn't quite right. That means doing nothing.
Regroup. Reorganize. Regain. Recover... Regrouping means to actively change something, hopefully for the better.
Regroup. Thanks for the inspiration, Mercy!