26 April 2012

Birthdays, birthdays

We have a tradition in our family that when you have your birthday, you get a birthday breakfast of your choice. The kids usually pick having breakfast in bed. Bobby hates to eat in bed, so he got Friendlys this year. Mercedes opted for stuffed French toast. It was my first attempt at making it, so I'm not so sure that it was fantastic, but she got her wish. She also requested a peach pie instead of a cake. I attempted to make that as well:) Let's just say, I'll need to tweak THAT recipe before I can consider it successful. Although making it was a miracle in and of itself, I was happy to make an effort. I'm very confident in my cooking skills, but baking, not so much. Example. I made blondies for work yesterday. Everyone said they were great, but one person came to me and said, "These are pretty good, but nothing holds a candle to those coconut cupcakes you brought in!" Hmmm... Uh, my sister made the cupcakes. Yea, I'll keep working on that! By the way, Happy birthday to my sweet hubbby and my 18 year old Mercy:)
I can't believe my Mercedes is 18!! She's an amazing young lady. I'm proud to call her my daughter. Yes, Mercedes, I AM!!!

One Year!!!!

Gage has hit his one year mark!!!!!!!! I'm so very proud of him:)

Project numero cuatro:)

I LOVE mail. Snail mail. I am old school in that way, I guess, but I love going to mailbox and finding mail. I've always enjoyed the idea that someone took time out of their day to write to me. I enjoy sending cards and letters too:) and that is why my project for April ended up being card making. I'm not fancy about it because I don't have that talent. I wish I could make the creative layered cards with the doo-hickies all over, but that requires a ton of time I just don't have right now. My cards are very simple and there are no fancy doo-hickies, but I put time and much effort to create them and I am very pleased with myself! I hope I can extend this goal setting thing into the rest of my life... Hmmm:)

06 April 2012

BYO Family

There is an e-zine that is committed to bringing nothing but positive information about Springfield. The local businesses, neighborhoods and families of our beautiful city are highlighted in this exciting website founded by Katie Stebbins, a Springfield fan!
Check it out at:

Let me know what you think!

01 April 2012

Oh no you didn't! Oh yes I did:)

You guessed it! Project number 3 is DONE. I completed a scrapbook and started on another one. Dang, I'm good;)
I was hoping to have 2 done, but that was pushing it. I'm thinking of project number 4 still... Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have it picked out;)