19 December 2008

December 2008

Aalyia plays a sheep

Gage and I backstage

Mercedes played a dove

Bob plays Old Caribou

Hello everyone,

I decided to post a few more pix of my family. We are all excited about Christmas and can't wait to enjoy it with our loved ones!

Here are some photos of a Cinderella play that our family was in last November. It was a three part play representing three versions of the Cinderella story from around the world; Russia, China and Native American. Guess which one Bob was in? I was doing make-up backstage, Bob played Roci's father and Mercedes played Roci's sister. Aalyia played a sheep, and Gage helped backstage. We had such a great time and it was a good experience.

05 October 2008

And here are a few more... Melisa, Adrean, Mom, and me
Amanda, the birthday girl Geli and Mercedes
Geli and Gage
Rocquel, Kaleigh and Aalyia always ready for the camera!
Me and my favorite sister!!!
Aalyia, Caleb and Kaleigh Our cute fam!!!
Mother and daughters
Bobby and I

Here are some photos of our family at my cousin's sweet fifteen back in March! We had a wonderful time!


Well, for those of you who know me, you know that I'm not fond of modern technology! I like the old fashioned way of communicating with people via telephone (not texting, actually speaking to a live person!), and of course, writing letters.
But recently, I was talking to a friend of mine from out of state and they convinced me that they would appreciate a blog because it would allow them access to my family when they wanted it and it would help them miss us less. They could access it 24/7 and they would be able to copy pictures without waiting for me to send them (Yes, I still use film!)
So here I am trying to navigate this world of cyberspace that I have fought long and hard to protest against!
I hope to have pictures updated soon as my children all have digital cameras! I also have tons of pictures I would have to sort through and scan in order to download. I probably am making extra work for myself, but that's okay. I don't expect this to take the place of my phone or letters. As my friend said, I'll consider it a supplement to what I normally do and also a way to get my feet wet.
I hope you all enjoy this blog and I hope to make it interesting. More importantly, I hope my children will enjoy it because they are the reason I am doing it! Love you all!
wow! Can you believe it?