27 September 2011

I pray.

I would like to share an excerpt from my son's email this week: "Dear Mom, and everyone! It was a little bit of a weird week. I guess the only thing that made it weird was this story: Elder Villalba and I were walking on a street about 3 blocks from our apartment on Wed. night. A woman in a taxi came up and said: "Someone committed or was trying to commit suicide over there!" (I didn´t understand this though). Elder Villalba said, "oh. okay we´ll go see what´s up." (Because he thought someone had already died.) We walked quickly about half a block then he started to run. I still didn´t see anything, but then I noticed a silhouette of a person hanging from a TREE next to the street! It was right in front of a member´s house! I ran and started clapping in front of the members house to get them to come out. Elder Villalba lifted the guy up so he could breath again. (he hadn´t died.) I clapped so much until someone came out. A crowed formed around the street. It was a crazy scene. The kid was about 17 years old. When he finally came to, he just screamed several times : "Why did you save me?! WHY?? I wanted to die!" Everyone in the neighborhood was all around us and then suddenly, he gained more strength, got up, and took off running down the street into the dark. Nobody knew where he went. I felt very sick after and shaken up, and decided I can´t be a doctor or police officer. Now every time we pass that street or that tree, there´s a strange memory, or feeling there. I don´t like it." As a mom, I can only say that I was horrified, on so many levels, by this news. So many emotions and questions. First, why would my son witness something like this. Two, what had pushed this poor young man not just to think about killing himself, but that he actually tried. The fact that they were able to save this poor young man. I pray that this person sees this event as a sign. That God wants him to live. I pray that he finds his purpose in life. I pray that my son and his companion won't have nightmares about this. I pray.

11 September 2011

a funny thing happened on the way to the doctor...

I finally had surgery on my wrist. I was surprisingly calm while I was being prepped for surgery. All went well. The doctor repaired torn ligaments and cut a section of tendon that was apparently spent. He decided that my radius would stay intact because the injury wasn't near the bone and didn't feel it was exacerbating the problem, which is wonderful because that was supposed to be the worst part of the surgery.
Isn't this a lovely picture my mom took?? It is in the recovery room... she told me I looked great... She lied!

As I was home recovering, Bobby had an appointment with his chiropractor down the street from our house. He had dropped Aalyia off at school, which is why he was driving; he usually walks.
During the appointment, he heard a loud sound outside. Turns out that a young man driving home from work fell asleep at the wheel and drove straight into Gage's car!!!
Bobby has been using it while Gage is in Paraguay. The car was pushed from it's spot in front of the office, into a tree, then into a truck that had been in front of the car about 15 feet away.

Gage's car is on the right... It was originally parked by the tree on the far left of the picture. Yes, it was sitting in the road. Can you imagine what would have happened to Bobby had he been in the car or getting into it???

I am so sad for Gage. He told me he felt that with the latest string of natural disasters and bad weather, he wasn't sure what would be left of Springfield. Hmmmm....
I know he'll be happy to hear his father's okay, but what a crummy thing to happen:(
We joked about selling the car before he came home (like in the RM), but of course, it was a joke. Not so funny, huh?
Something good will come out of this, God is good:)

04 September 2011

For Sale

I love furniture! It took 5 years after we moved into our home before I was able to start purchasing furniture I really wanted. My style is very eclectic. I enjoy and decorate with a little bit of everything. I have flea markets finds, yard sale stuff, and things from beautiful furniture stores;) I also love all different types of fabrics and patterns, toile being my absolute favorite:) I have to say that my most favorite pieces are ones that have been gifts or was able to pick up for free!!

I have some items below that I, sadly, must part with. Why?? Because the rooms in my home are small and I have furniture that is just too big... or too much of it in one space. I plan to put these on Craigslist, but I thought I would put them here so I could have a journal of it as well!

The first piece is a Bradington Young leather recliner. It is espresso in color and is just too big for our front room. I purchased it for Bobby at CJ Sprong for Father's Day one year and dang if that thing didn't look nearly as big in the showroom as it did when we tried to get it through the front door. It is in excellent condition and a great quality piece...

The second piece is a settee, a fancy word for sofa. It doesn't have a pedigree like the first piece, but it is still nice just the same! The color is red with hints of sage in the plaid pattern. It seats two people and is in excellent condition. I purchased this at Country Squire Furniture. Sadly, they are no longer in business.

The last piece, (for now...), is an old fashioned telephone table. I purchased this at Brimfield Antiques show and used it in my daughter's bedroom for about two years. It is painted in white flat paint and it now sits at the end of my hallway waiting for a new home.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!