09 March 2012

Be careful what you pray for

Picture me sitting in an office typing away at the keyboard when my boss comes in and says, "I have to talk to you. We are letting you go."
Wow. I swallowed hard. My mind started racing, trying to think of what monstrous mistake I must of made to bring my working"career" to such an abrupt end.
All I could manage to say was, "oh."
She continued, "We will be moving you into a new position. Someone has just given their notice and you have two weeks to learn the job. I need someone I can trust who has an eye for detail. That's you."
It means more hours and definitely more responsibility. Part of me feels validated, but part of me is dreading working, I mean really working. There are many details tied to this new position and I'm already feeling overwhelmed with my life as it is.
I've had a challenging week and I've prayed to follow God's will for me. He really does have a sense of humor. Be careful what you wish for, or in this case, pray for.