30 September 2012

Project 10

I decided to use October to put together a new financial plan. I will use this month to look up bookeeping ideas that will actually work for me and set up some savings goals. I will post what I find once a week with the hope of having something in place by the end of the month. It has to meet 3 criteria: easy to use, realistic, and easy to use;)
I tried a binder idea I got off the internet and it was a big mess. I used it for a year and a half and finally scrapped it; too bulky. I also used an envelope idea, but it wasn't organized enough.  I've learned that different things work for different people and I just haven't found what works for me yet. In the end, the goal is the same...
to turn these:
Into these :D
That is a worthwhile goal.
I have a feeling that it will be somewhere between the two systems I've already tried. I just need time to work on it and this goal will force me to do that!

23 September 2012

Projects 8 and 9

Oh my has it been a long time or what?!
I have not forgotten you my little blog. I am in the ever on-going process of learning how to juggle my time and I have to accept that it is a SLOW process for me.

I do have pictures to post from my number 8 project, which was to catch up on cleaning up the backyard, decluttering the attic and basement. I am so happy to report that even though I didn't finish them the way I wanted to, I made huge improvements in organizing and overall appearance. I delegated the garage to my hubby and he assures me he'll 'get to it'.
My pictures are stuck on my camera and my computer can't seem to pull them off tonight. I think it's telling me that I need to go to bed and leave this for another time:)

I had decided to make project 9 a month to start exercising again. I hate to exercise, but I like to eat. Unfortunately, my metabolism is rebelling against my diet so I have to make sure I am burning those calories off before they make their new home somewhere on my hips and butt.
I am happy to report that I have consistantly worked out 6 days a week for the last 4 weeks. Even though I started the 27th of August, it is my September project. I have lost a total of 2 pounds and have some definition in my abs and my arms and legs are starting to get tight. I can finally do 12 push ups again, (when I started the program last year, I couldn't do one, but got up to18!). Progress, progress.
My workout choice is P90x. I completed this workout last year and was impressed with the results. I wasn't body builder cut, but I looked GOOOOOOD! I could have looked better, but I wasn't disciplined enough with the diet part. I love food and love to eat. I am doing better this time around with smaller portions and cutting down on my sweets and carbs, but not enough to look as shredded as I want. I have to accept that at 44, I have to work twice as hard if I want the ripped results and I'm not sure if I want it bad enough. Life is short and I think that I need to accept that I am working out to maintain what I have; and that is okay.
So! I decided to post a picture of what I looked like 2 weeks after P90x a year ago. It was taken in January. (Had I been smart, I would have planned to have finished the work out in the summer, but I did do it for me, and not to show off.) I am kind of a shy person so I opted for the headless shot:) I also can't show anymore of me than what is here because of the shy thing:) although my legs and butt were pretty tight. This is what I'm aiming for this year. I have two months left on the program so we'll see how far I get this time.
The more I look at this photo, the more it makes me laugh! I never thought I would pose like this, but I was pretty excited at the time and thought it would be good to have something documented so I could look back on it from my nursing home bed and know that I did have lean abs and arms at one time:-P Now that's a depressing thought...

I still have a few days to think about my October project. Hmmm....