08 August 2012

Project 7... still in progress:)

On July 31, with one day left of my July yard project, I found myself scrambling around to try to weed my yard! Talk about last minute:-P
I was only able to start on it when I came home from work; which was around 5:00 pm!!
With the help of my wonderful hubby and some help from Roci and Aalyia, we set off to make a dent in our little jungle:)

This is the area I usually use for a garden! If growing weeds was acceptable, I think I could win a prize with this mess... notice how they trained themselves to spread. Very clever.

 We even had vines growing over the basement window!!
 In this mess are miniature rose plants:(  I ended up moving them to another location because there wasn't enough sun.

 These are some of my hydrangea bushes after I was able to prune them and clean them up a bit.  They are much more impressive in person.

The pile of weeds reached the back of the tailgate on Bobby's truck!! I don't think you can appreciate this unless you've seen how small our yard is.

You may be wondering where the 'after' pictures are. Or, then again, maybe your not! I'm assuming that if you are reading this, maybe you are;)

 Bobby was sweet enough to pick up a few bags of mulch and worked on laying it down while I tackled the weeds. By the time I thought to take pictures of the 'after', it was too dark; and, I'm sad to say, I didn't get to finish. Bobby reminded me that making progress is what is most important.
As I looked around my half finished yard, I started to think about my half finished basement clean up, and my half finished attic clean up, AND my half finished garage clean up and I felt dejected. I had started all these projects during my purging project and hadn't finished them. My husband, being the nice guy he is and always trying to look at the positive side of things, suggested that I use the month of August to catch up on things. Hey! What a great idea:)
SO!! My project for August is playing catch up. I will focus on tying up the loose ends from my unfinished projects which are, mainly, my yard and the dark places I hide my messes!
When we finish planting and mulching, and if the weather holds out, I hope to take some happy pictures of the yard. I am no Marthat Stewart, and lack her army of helpers, but I hope to create something I will be satisfied with.