28 August 2011

After 6 Years...

After 6 long years, Mercedes FINALLY gets her braces off!!!!!!!!!
What a smile. We appreciate all Dr. Yanni has done for Mercedes, especially in the last couple of months... but we won't go into that;)
I am proud to say that Mercedes will flash that $12,000 smile on command. She should, she has my convertible in her mouth...

02 August 2011

International Bridge in Paraguay

This is Gage's view from his apartment!!
I look at this picture and it feels surreal. It is Gage standing in front of the International Bridge that connects Paraguay to Argentina. You may be wondering why he is holding a cut out of a lady...
Are you familiar with Flat Stanley?? Well, this is Flat Janice;) His orthodontist, Dr. Janice Yanni, is holding a contest and I'd thought it would be fun to have Gage take a picture to send back. He is a former patient of hers and she did a fabulous job with his smile.
So here is my dutiful son looking like, "Okay, mom! Here's your picture;is it okay??"
He's so sweet!!
Thanks Gage! Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you!!!!