27 January 2011

Quote of the week...

May all your troubles be as short as your New Year's resolutions!

10 January 2011

Seperate beds

Once a upon a time a young lady got married. She was very excited to share a bed with her new hubby because that would mean cuddling... and lots of it! They would be sharing a full size bed so it would be perfect. Or so she thought.
She didn't realize that her hubby liked space and LOTS of it. He enjoyed having his own blanket as well because this young lady didn't know she was a blanket hog in her sleep. Oh, hubby would try to cuddle, but it lasted only a little while and then he would turn over to enjoy a night of noncuddling sleep. The young lady was very hurt and took it personally. She addressed the issue and hubby reassured her it wasn't anything to do with her; he just liked his space... and lots of it!
Time passed and hubby talked the young lady into a king size bed. She was very against this idea because to her, that meant no cuddling at all. How could they? The bed would be HUGE! But because she wanted him to be happy she went along with the idea and out went the cute little bed and in came in King Kong.
She felt completely lost and lonely in the sea of mattress. Hubby, on the other hand, was lovin' life. Over time, though, she grew to appreciate the space. She was a tired mother of two and needed the sleep. Something had happened to her hormones as well because she became a heat generator. She didn't like anything on her or anyone too close to her because she would sweat, alot, and that was not good.
Many years passed and the bed became old and soggy. The mattress just wasn't as comfortable as it once was and it was time to replace it. Unfortunately, they couldn't afford another king size bed so they down-sized to a queen. Hubby was very content with the new bed because, unbeknownst to the young lady, he had become a CUDDLER. However, some changes had occured over the years. The young lady now enjoyed her space and with the heat generating condition she had, she didn't want to cuddle anymore. She also became attached to a pillow that she would use for her shoulder to alleviate pain which, in turn created a 'barrier' in the bed. She wanted peace and quiet; hubby preferred to sleep with 'waves' to drown out any noise. She would be woken up by the slightest movement in the bed, while hubby, slept pretty soundly. Not only was she missing that King Kong of a bed terribly, their sleeping habits had changed so much that seperate beds were sounding very nice.
This idea freaked hubby out! 'Are you not happy?', 'Is there something I should know about?'
No, nothing like that. It just seemed that with the many years of marriage, countless hours of lost sleep,( i.e. children), and general stresses of life, the young lady was just needing something of her very own. Something she could crawl into and curl up in and enjoy all to herself. Something that she could lose herself in for a few hours every night, alone.
Hubby did some research and after much pondering decided his young lady's happiness was very important to him so he agreed.
He agreed...

It is very strange how when you think you really want something and someone decides they are going to help make it a reality, it makes you think twice...

I've been reading alot on married couples sleeping in seperate beds and couples who have seperate bedrooms. Why? First of all, I'm tired. We have a crappy bed and I can feel every little movement. Every move wakes me up. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a LONG time. The idea of jumping into my own little space, with my own blankets, and sleeping any old way sounds so appealing to me. Second, two twin beds are alot cheaper than a king.
At least it WAS very appealing until Bobby did his research, and, after getting over the shock of it and receiving much reassurance that this wasn't the first step to divorce, and deciding he would go along with it. Now that I have the green light, I'm not so confident. I have to confess that now I'm a little worried that he'll REALLY like it. This could be temporary for me, a phase. I want it to be difficult for him because I don't want him thinking, 'Hey, we should have done this ages ago!'
I want to call the shots and be in control!

There you have it. My deep dark secrets and not so secret issues. Will it happen? I don't know. I must say that I'm pretty lucky that he is so flexible and isn't controlling. He's a pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Maybe if I give it more time we will synch and finally be on the same page and how will that happen if I give him all that space...

06 January 2011

Drum Roll.....

Gage is called to serve his mission in Asuncion, Paraguay. I'm too emotional right now so I will give more info later...

His to report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday April 13, 2011. He will be preaching the gospel in Spanish!

04 January 2011

Mission Call

We have been anxiously awaiting Gage's mission call!!! I wanted to let everyone know that we should know by tomorrow!!!!! As soon as we find out, I will spread the word...
Countdown; 10,9,8...

01 January 2011

The New Year is here...

The new year is here and sadly I am not ready for it. I needed at least another week to catch up.
I wanted to be organized and ready to meet this year head on but I'm still working on 2010's to-do list :0
After much contemplating, I figured the best thing for me is to keep plugging along. No stress, no worries, right? I mean, life still continues regardless of whether you are ready or not.
So, here's to 2011 and all it has in store for me; good, bad and ugly. I guess I'll take it all :)
I pray that everyone out there will be blessed with all they need and a few wants along the way ;)

I would like to add that our family wishes Miriam a fantastic experience at BYU. She will be leaving tomorrow. She went to my sister's to have a wonderful turkey dinner with us and to visit. It wasn't until she was leaving that it hit me all at once that we wouldn't be seeing her sweet smile for awhile... and for Gage even longer. I was so sad for her and him that it took all I had not to cry. We said our good-byes and promised to write. She also promised that she would visit us in July when she comes back. My son will be long gone on his mission by then. I couldn't help but feel for him. So many, many changes that he's been through over the last few months but so many more ahead of him. As his mom I've always been fiercely protective of him. He's my only son and he is very sweet and sensitive. I want to protect him from change and the challenges that come with them but I know this will not serve him well. I am aware that it is not even possible to do so, but just the same it is difficult to watch any of my children struggle.
I understand it is part of life and will help him grow and strengthen him, but just the same, I miss those evenings when he would curl up on my lap to listen to 'Snuggle Piggy and the Magic Blanket' just one more time. I miss tucking him in bed and knowing he was safe under the same roof I was in. I miss him waking me up early with his cute grin wondering if I was going to make pancakes or if he was having cold cereal. Is it normal to long for him even though he hasn't left yet?? Too many changes, too quickly...
I wonder if my mom felt the same for me... I wonder what Miriam's mom is feeling.

Well Gage. Just know that no matter how crappy you may feel now, it does get better. This is all part of the learning process. Trust that God loves you and knows you and wants you to be happy. He is always there for you and so am I. I love you