09 November 2013

things that bring me joy

In my regrouping moment, I have thought a lot about my life currently; where I'm living, my children, my marriage, my jobs, friendships both past and present, finances, hobbies, health, family, spirituality, education, well, you get the picture! I'm 45 and have lived a pretty interesting life for someone whose circle of influence is limited.
Lately, I've wondered or more accurately, have fretted over what I should be doing with my life at this point. Should I be doing more? Should I have a career? Do I want one? Do I have one? Being a mom is important, but that's hard to see and feel, especially when your kids tell you your driving them crazy. 
Am I supposed to be doing 'more'? What more can I do? Some days I feel like I can really accomplish whatever I set my mind out to do, but I'm not clear on what that is:) Other days I feel like I'm asking for too much; I should be content with where I am. Even though I'm still struggling with what my life should look like and with the idea that God really does have a plan for me, I have figured out 3 important things to focus my energies on, for now anyway. 

1. Find joy in something everyday. Something just for me.
2. Be grateful. Have an attitude of gratitude!
3. Serve, serve, serve. As a mom, that one is not very difficult! Ahhh, serve with joy, now, that one, is a little more challenging; especially when I'm cleaning the toilet for the hundredth time or picking up dirty socks.
Since I need a little focus today,I decided to post a few things that have brought me joy in the last few weeks.
A hike with friends on a gorgeous day is great!

 Finishing a hard project is joyful! Those caramel apples took forever!
 Watching my husband dance in front of strangers and love it is pretty joyful too!
 Dinner with friends always makes me smile...
 Appreciating someone's talents. How cute is this baby!
 Sneaking dessert alone was awesome!
 Watching the sunset set the sky on fire was breathtaking...
 My children enjoying a treat because of a thoughtful friend is joy.
 My nephew realizing that I was not exaggerating when I said that Mickey Mouse really was as big as him!
My family. Good has truly blessed me even though I'm not deserving. His Grace is Joy.

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